Behind the Scenes: New Fatheads and Big MK: LAW Reveal

Hey all, today I’m revealing our new fatheads that we ordered for TrafficJamVR at Fanboys Marketplace and wanted to take a moment to reveal some inside information about our upcoming game Metaverse King: Last Arena Warrior.

Fatheads for TrafficjamVR at Fanboys Marketplace

Our new Fatheads are on the way. Each of our three promotional fatheads for our Game Metaverse King: Last Arena Warrior features a prominent robot. But what and who are these machines? Featured on each 6 foot tall fathead is an image of an avatar-type model that will be playable in Metaverse Kings: Last Arena Warrior. We won’t have every one of these units available on day one, but they are coming. What is the game about you ask?

MK LAW: New Lore Details Emerge. . .

Metaverse King: Last Arena Warrior is the first installment in a series of expansions which cover the events transpiring during the AI Wars, notably the 6-Days War. The game itself is a PVP and PVE COOP battlefield where armies of the AI Cores battle it out in futuristic warzones. Narratively, its based on a screenplay and other works of fiction created by author Clarence Doskocil and CTO Tom Stracener. The game itself begins with Last Arena Warrior and continues each month to introduce new playable unit types available in VR at our Fanboys Marketplace gaming center. When we unveil in August 2022 the primary units will be Robotic Avatars, Tanks, and Jets. Static Defenses will consist of AA Missile batteries, Fixed Gun emplacements, Demolition Bombs, and Heavy Bolt Throwers (our warhammer-esqe version of the machine gun). But every month (and sometimes every two weeks) new units will be revealed: Dropships, Heavy Tanks, War Walkers (think Empire Strikes Back style AT-ATs) and other Superheavy units will be introduced.

The events that lead up to game Metaverse King: Last Arena Warrior. . .

Most of human society was balkanized by regional alliances to powerful AI Cores, each seeking own motives. During this period humanity entered a tumultuous golden age of invention, comparable to a new scientific revolution across every major field of science, as powerful AI minds (called ‘cores’) developed, applied, and prototyped new and fascinating inventions. Ultimately this period ended when strife erupted among the the triad of AI overseers guiding humanity. With their overlords at War, World war IV ensued. With the fragile alliance shattered, the War which followed transformed both humanity and the earth as each AI and their aligned Geo-Blocs brought humanity to the edge of extinction and planet earth to the brink of destruction. Who will become the Metaverse King?

Featuring APEX Hunter-Seeker
Featuring CODEX Commander Unit
Featuring Apogee Assassin Unit

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