TrafficjamVR and our Games

Playable Prototypes in Q4 2022 / Official Release 2023

So these are my four main game projects. I really want to share the development process of these titles as they approach our prototype stage. I’m excited about these titles being playable by a wide audience. I’ve put a lot of work in on these titles and they are really shaping up. All of these games are VR titles. They are included within my main Trafficjam VR Application.

TraffijamVR, a VR Metaverse Social Hub that ties all of our games and content together.

Essentially, as our family of games grows, TrafficjamVR will grow and expand and encompass these games to that you can seamlessly travel between all the titles and have a Home Zone where you can display all your collected achievements and trophies. Its a very ambitious project and I’m challenged daily by the demands coding, research, development, all while having a regular day job. Even though it is often difficult, its been a joy and a thrill to make such great progress this year in getting each of the four initial titles into a playable state. Refinements will continue until we officially release our prototypes at Fanboys Marketplace. I hope you follow this blog and stay with me as its going to be a really exciting time ahead for TrafficjamVR. I’ll hopefully have some big news to announce very soon.

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